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Prof Dr. Polat Gülkan is awarded the Honorary Membership Prize by Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, California, USA.
Seminer:"On the Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Anisotropic Engineering Materials Based upon Harmonic Representations"Asst.Prof.Dr. Çiğdem Dinçkal Data, Place: 21.06.2013, MA-02
Seminer:"Orthonormal Decomposition of Third Rank Tensors and Applications"
Asst.Prof.Dr. Çiğdem Dinçkal
Data, Place: 20.05.2013, 16:00, NA-02
12-13 April 2013, list of student attendees for Marmaray technical visit
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We celebrate our High Honor and Honor students of 2012-2013 fall semester
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Authorships and Editorships of Our Faculty Members in International Books
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Editorships of International Journals
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